maandag 22 augustus 2011

I wake up at noon on a mean sunday morning

The light cracks in to the room
this yellow blanket is too warm
I throw it off turning around
hand under my pillow
pretending to sleep
as I hear my Mother's shoes clicking on the stairs
walking through the hallway and entering my room

I turn once more when I feel her warm kisses on
my shoulder
my upper arm
my elbow
on my cheek
wake up she says with a big grin on her face

Everything but a grin on my tiresome face
I look old as I brush my hair back to cover my forehead

I wake up at noon on a mean sunday morning
throw off the sauna also known as cover
throw on a sundress
that leans so gently
on the leaning
of my mother's couch

I splash water in my face
and in my belly
I see myself sitting down

I shove my feet in these rundown black boots
that I have worn for more than two years

Mother calls again
and it's starting to bother me

She means well

I go downstairs with my rundown face and I stuff my tired mouth
The catalyst runs

My care takers know what's best for me.