donderdag 9 juli 2009


the night is long in paris, especially when you have no plan, we take out our phones and call the people we don't even know that long, the strangers we just met, to feel some sort of social belonging. Our hopes are getting up to spend one more evening like the one we had before. An addiction starts to take us over, the search for that infinite rush makes us mad, as we keep looking for familiar marks that brought us to the nights where we lost ourselves completely. We want to find the path to freedom, to revive the moment, to relive our memory, with all the same characters in it, the ones we've cherished, the ones who made us laugh, who took us over the edge, the ones we've already said goodbye to and have forgotten us.

We move to another nameless place and find ourselves lonely in a capital city where we would imagine greatness is bound to happen. It's always another adventure to go in to the night alone, not knowing what will cross our path, but anxious, and out of breath, waiting for someone to rescue us from the quiet alley we're waiting in. We walk around looking for that spark, that moment we had, that high that we have felt before, desperately, seeking for it in every corner, and our faces change from hope in to something else as time passes by. As the sadness is about to take over, we refuse and force to walk another route to paradise. Dissapointing faces change in to smiles, another location is found to keep us for the night. Hand in hand we walk in to oblivion, our hearts racing, knowing what will come next, we are filled with new found hope. Time has come again to take us to that other level of sanity, or insanity as some people would call it, we don't care, this is what we've been searching for. We take it in with one last breath, we are here, no regrets, everything is possible from now on, boundaries change in to bonding, friends in to fornication, under the influence we speak fluently, a new day is about to rise, the sun comes up and lights the room up with whiteness, a proof of life, when the night changes in to day and we don't even know where we are, or how we will get home, we are here, as we are awake, alive, deadly and ready for more...Anything to keep us from sleeping, anything but that...