zondag 8 februari 2009

ooooohhh when i'm dead and gone

I love you night and day.
When I leave you baby
Don't cry the night away.
When I die don't you write
No words upon my tomb.
I don't believe
I want to leave no epitaph of doom.

And the day will end for some As the night begins for one

As I was walking the black empty streets leading to nothing, I looked at you and remembered, I danced with the devil, as I sold my soul in the twilight city again. Wild at heart, we hear ourselves echoing in the streetlights. There are no people around. We live in the night, like we're lost in the day. The days that pass by so fast, sometimes are so slow, let's fast forward to another world. Your eyes are out of control, I can keep you sane. We walk for hours, until I left back home, where I danced out of joy. I want to sleep until the night comes to take me again. Here it's where my life begins. The kids are dressed fresh, and everything is well, as we are ready take over the world. We dance and kiss, and nothing is real. Until truth knocked me back on my feet, a sharp pain is what I feel. I gaze at the tragedy happening right in front of me, about to burst right on the floor.

I rush out, I want out, I'm strung out, while I move forward through the crowd
The strange faces of tonight are a blur as I flee the stairs to solitude, I spin from left to right, I look down, I notice this black hole in my body. Dark fluid starts leaking out of the wound and ruins my latest purchase; a charcoal silk dress from La Fayette. Just as I start to collapse, invisible hands grab my throat and start to squeeze. there goes my life. I need to escape, I feel like a wreck. This ruined everything you are. Stars are crashing down, my soul's crushing. I try to grab my stuff, when I realize I am a mess on the second floor. The quiet backroom and it's concrete walls save me, a second ago I was cool. The only strangers here leave an empty impression, I walk up to them in tears, like this is just another day, I try to bum a cigarette. Leaning with my elbows on the railing of the upper floor I look down at the unknown crowd losing their innocence. You are in the middle of this chaos. I turn around, I wonder, can I leave this, and everything else behind me. I want to go home. When it hits me I am stuck in this place, I face up to it and give in to the night. I throw off all shame, hit the liquor in front of me, pour this medicine in the wound, I am pleased I am being cleansed. There's nothing better than to rinse this dirt away and keep it from perverting me further. I want to drown all of this in spirits. As I slowly start to heal, everything becomes a blur, as we strut around Rue de Rivoli. This is where we lose our soul for good, we love, we forget, we spin around, we fall,... we fade into oblivision. I stumble in to the taxi when the birds are about to wake up, I want absolution.

"Solemn faced, The village settles down, Undetected by the stars. And the hangman plays the mandolin before he goes to sleep. And the last thing on his mind is the Wild Eyed Boy imprisoned

Staring through the message in his eyes, Lies a solitary son." - David Bowie - Wild Eyed Boy from Freecloud.