donderdag 1 september 2011


There are no words invented yet
that describe the knot of inconvenient confusion
maybe there are, I am just unable 
to put those man invented words in the right order to make a sentence

inadequate, truthfully that word has been on repeat in my head the last couple of days
god i hate that word, inadequate.
it's not even a pretty word to look at
it doesn't flow right, it almost hurt when you use it in a sentence
and it certainly makes you look like a pretentious asshole when you use it

when a writer realizes that he has no idea what to write
because he first has to figure out where to begin
it's time to sit back, look at the ceiling covered in spiderwebs,
worry about cleanin the place he's sitting in,
rather than spending his time writing senseless words in an empty box that no one is ever going to read.

writers block
it's not a block
it's just a little knot in your head that you have to untie
it takes time.