donderdag 12 april 2012

my mind, the bully

we softly sigh in the air
hailing taxi cabs
lonely hands and fingers waving
enjoying when you see me driving with an ungodly speed from
the street you are in
without looking i know that you leave
to other destinations
and places
with patience
and grace and
with people that i know
and don't know

I nick a cigarette from my mothers
pack of wolves
and fire up the urge to
kill time
and spend time with myself
until i remember
that danger lurks
laughing at me
silently and
my only bully is me
i've had it,

I sigh a blue note in the cold air
hailing taxi cabs
a lonely hand and thumb wave
when I think of you
my body waters
my mouth
and my flesh pump
and i'm high when i meet you on time
to spend days with you
and with people that i know
and don't know
and that's okay too.